Mr. Anies Baswedan had just been inaugurated as new Jakarta governor for Period 2017-2022. How would his day be in his new office ? Yes, he was successful to win the election, however some BOTHERS will be in his way through the years.
How Destiny science (BaZi) explains this ? Let us FIRST see why he was successful to take the Governor position; then answer why he was bothered in his position (status).

01. Why he was successful? Mr. Baswedan was born Ji You (Earth Rooster Year). Born in summer with very strong FIRE, Fire supports EARTH (his POWER). Moreover, his luck decade (2009-2018) enters JiaZi (Wood Rat)  according to the theory, Jia WOOD meeeting Ji EARTH (in the month and year pillar) transformed into EARTH, therefore his EARTH (power) is increasing. No wonder during this decade he proceeded to me Minister of Education, then the Governor of Jakarta.

02. Why has he been bothered in his status/position ? Bothers occurs to an individual when relationship between Earthly branhes (the horoscopes) are in trouble. This decade 2009-2018 he enters ZI-Rat. RAT (water) clashes against the HORSE (fire); and also RAT is against ROOSTER in “Six Dangers” (Liu Po) relationship.

03. Why was he replaced as Minister of Education and Culture in 2016 ? Year 2016 is FIRE MONKEY (bing shen) Year. Monkey combined with Snake in his Month Pillar to transform into WATER. Snake’s element is FIRE that supported EARTH colappsed; and more Water coming in. As EARTH (power to Mr. Baswedan) has no support in this year, he must accept his destiny.

04. What bothers him in 2017 ? This is year of the ROOSTER, his horoscope is Rooster, between Roosters there is a “self-punishment” (Zi Xing) relationship. According to BAZi theory he tends to make mistakes in his decisions, he may realize that they are wrong decisions yet he is compelled to do it. Besides, the RAT in his decade Luck Pillar also disturbs the ROOSTER (his horoscope) in “six destruction” (Liu Po) in which he possibly do things for not actually in his consent; in other words he feel being compelled or forced to do things.

05. What bothers him in 2018 ? this is year of WU XU (Earth Dog); both are of earth element, his power. However Dog and Rooster are in conflict called “six dangers” (Liu Hai) this year he may be betrayed and bullied, that leaves him a serious hurtful feeling.

06. What bothers him in 2019 ? Year 2019 is year of the PIG; he also enters a new Luck Decade of WATER PIG (Gui Hai). So there will be TWO PIGS in his destiny, and will be much WATERS coming to his destiny. Now, the PIG is in conflict against the SNAKE in his Month Pillar. Clash is so hard because the PIG carries WATER with it; so the SNAKE (Fire) will be put down. In fact, it is the SNAKE (Fire) which gives support to his EARTH (POWER) in his MONTH PILLAR. Now so much WATER over his EARTH (power); we would not imagine what will happen to him this year.

Is he in GOOD LUCK ? Yes, undoubtedly the answer is YES. However, in my calculation, his POWER comes because he enters the JIA WOOD (trees) within 2009 – 2018. As the Tree holds the Earth together from WATER; so when the tree (wood) no longer hold the EARTH, then nothing can protect his EARTH (power) from water flood (luck decade 2019-2028).
There is NO MORE WOOD which come in his destiny path.
Mr.Baswedan’s destiny is to be a BUSINESS MAN not MAN in POWER.