According to BaZi (Four Pillar destiny) Calculation Analysis; I am quite certain that President Jokowi will surpass his rivals as his luck is in its excellent state.
Yesterday I posted destiny of the Late PM Lee of Singapore, and we realize that his luck boosted as he entered Summer (fire dominant) and Spring (wood dominant) luck. Both elements are favorable for Mr. Lee since he did not have Fire and Wood in his Birth Chart.
Similar to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, President Jokowi birth chart shows he does not have Water element (see diagram below).
Mr. Joko Widodo’s luck started to rise since 2006 when he entered WINTER LUCK Pillar, the WATER is significant.
From 2016-2025 he got a new Luck Pillar, i.e., WU ZI (Earth Rat) Earth is also a FAVORABLE Element for him.
In 2019, the year of JI HAI (EARTH PIG); when this Earth is also a favorable element for him; and the Pig brings WATER which is themost favorable element for him; therfore it is sure that he will be successful in the second candidacy.
Moreover, in 2019, the PIG will invite the OX (his horoscope) and the RAT to combine and strengthens the WATER -( the three OX, RAT, and PIG are all Winter components and so Water which is his favorable element will be strong and bring him to success.
Analogous thinking, when WATER comes, the WOOD in his Birth chart is growing strong; as WATER nourishes WOOD (plants). Wood is the Self Element (Day Master) of Mr. Joko Widodo.
We need to wait until this theory is proven and evidence shows up.